Apply for funding

The Eklund Foundation will during 2018 distribute approximately EUR 160,000/MSEK 1.5 to high-quality projects in odontology. Applications are welcome 1-31 May, 2018. Please see this pdf to preview the application form.

The Eklund Foundation welcomes experimental as well as clinical studies in all fields of dentistry. Projects that can be related to periodontology, implantology, and cariology will be prioritized. The successful projects will be announced in autumn 2018.

Please note that applicants who are granted funds from the foundation will be required to prove that their projects are approved by an ethical committee. The approval must be submitted within six months from the announcement date, or else, the applicants must report their reasons for not submitting the approval.

The Eklund Foundation is open to applicants from all fields of dentistry and will particularly prioritize projects that can be related to periodontology, implantology and cariology. Both experimental and clinical studies are welcome.

How to apply

Please note that your CV, including the information listed below, must be attached in the online application portal:

If your application includes funding for travel or salary expenses, these must be especially justified.

All applications are handled confidentially.